Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Negation, Affirmation, Implementation, Expression, Integration

Elementally I associate Negation with Water, Affirmation with Fire, Implementation with Earth, and Expression with Air. First (and last) there is the washing away of all previous experiences (psychologically, emotionally) originally created by affirmation (vision, will & intention), implementation (attention & devotion) and yesterday's resultant manifestations, experience and mental expressions (memory).

Water returns to its natural state, clean and clear, reflecting the inherent clarity and beauty of all that surrounds it. Water collects all earthly experience/substance as memory and must in so doing be willing/able to release and let it all go, to ceaselessly move forward just as a stream flows and cleanses itself in the process. Negation is a purification by Water.

Fire is that affirmation, the vision, the insight, hope and idealism that is behind all creative actions and individual ventures. It is spark of creation and vitality that follows deep meditation (thought negation), allowing for new birth and enthusiasm in the process. The affirmation process is renewed and revitalized via the negation process, which purifies and makes fresh creative perspective a continuous possibility... Affirmation is a positive purification by fire.

Earth is the external implementation of the practical, onto immediate physical reality and the total devotion (full attention) to implementing the ideal or vision, focusing one pointedly on the immediate matter at hand. It is the manifesting process that makes it all possible on Earth... practice makes perfect, efficient productivity the natural complement to an expansive creativity.

Air is the outward mental expression by which the vision and implementation of Fire & Earth can be communicated, articulated, seen and appreciated by others. The images that make up the experiences we share collectively and communicate lingual-ly. Appearance and aesthetics, friends and relationships, activities and experiences by which the inner Fire finds outer expression.


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