Monday, May 30, 2011

This is It

Liberation is not about abandoning attachment to life, pleasures of the senses and fleeting experience, nor about being free from physicality and the limitations of this physical body. Nor is it frowning upon the necessity for pragmatism, personal ambition and living in comfort. It's about accepting quite simply that this life is all there ever is, and we are here eternally without exit. There truly is no need to transcend the wheel of endless birth, death and rebirth... Why should we?

My spin on Eastern Philosophy and beliefs about rebirth and immortality goes something like this.. There are no higher or lower realms, human consciousness is the highest (and lowest) evolutionary state, with heaven and hell (and everywhere in between) existing solely in the minds of men. There exists no real evidence of sentient life anywhere but on Planet Earth, thus we eternally return here and continue to work on getting it right, till there is peace and harmony, love and compassion, and all that is holy, sacred, ruling over the Earth.


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