Saturday, October 21, 2017

Barry Long: How To Stop Thinking


Essence of meditation, silence, being, presence, here and now, and nothing to remember from this video nor anything to "get out of it".. Listen again if you feel so compelled to but DO NOT THINK about, recall or interpret any of what you hear/heard.

Also most importantly, do not think "I have failed" every time that little voice in the head acts up again, then deceive you into feeling ashamed of this, it will continue to do so because It/He ("the thinker" or "ego self") is feeding off of You, it's host. You are not this thinker, nor the thoughts and emotions, but only the Intelligence or Witness who is aware of them. Like the breeze, the clouds, the sounds in one's surroundings, and the inhalation-exhalation of each breath, all thoughts come and go, leaving nothing left to hold onto, harbor, justify or condemn. Silence alone remains.

Joel D. Zenie

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