Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Waking up from Trance (Part 1)

 Disciple and Western translator of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj ("I Am That"),Stephen Wolinsky, Zen scholar/practitioner and founder of Quantum Psychology shares insight on Advaita and the present day human condition, the trance of ego and mental distortion manifesting a social collective of many little bubble worlds in dreamlike isolation.

In this and in other insightful YouTube shorts, Wolinsky presents a kind of postmodern clarity, shattering our illusions ("neti-neti", "not this, not that") especially those of religious dogmas, fixed belief systems and a complacent "nesting in any personal-psychological-spiritual state, ideal or belief", the nature of which is transitory, illusory and ultimately unreal. To negate in total the philosophical psychological trance and cognitive-mental-emotional fog, the self-created distortion of a contrived subjectivity and it's falsely assumed objectivity (my so called 'reality').

A true introspective inquiry process points the receptive seeker of truth inward, back to his/her inmost being or "I Am" state. In Sage Ramana Maharshi's own words "go back the way you came" 



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