Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Truth of Self

     Self (as ego, personality, individuality) according to Long is the "great spoiler" of the inherent joy of being. Also, every individual self is a co-creator (with other selves, individually and collectively) of this tragic condition inherent to human existence; contrived of the ignorance of narrow self-interest in the pursuit of personal desires or occupational ambitions, and the escape or flight from all that is feared or despised.

In quoting Long, "to expect anything at all from anyone is being selfish". This however is very different from the state of "self-centeredness", a healthy human response. To want what is outside of your own true Being and remain attached is a primal form of ignorance that breeds suffering. All of unhappiness the fruit of our ignorance, and "original misery" is the real "truth of  self" as an isolated individual person compulsively driven by his/her desires and fears. As my self dissolves and disappears, this being-ness returns back home to its source, and the soul essence of man resurrected (restored, renewed) in the glorious Light of God and Truth.


(revised commentary above written/edited on 6/30, from the original rough draft of 5/3)

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