Saturday, August 4, 2018

Confronting Reality: facing your most dangerous enemy within

A most poignant look at the exiled, willful and angry self within, often called 'Ego'; and a blessed Divine Self that some refer to simply as 'Being'. 
Expression of deepest heartfelt gratitude is key to knowing true goodness, the Grace of God. To appreciate with awe and feel the devoted reverence and exhilarating wonder at the vastness of an omnipresence manifesting as your life.
(Edited 3:45 p.m. August 28 & 8:20 a.m. September 01).

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  1. A good follow up video to previous Barry Long piece "The Truth of Self", posted earlier this year. Very much to the point, not for the faint of heart. Long illustrates with examples and great clarity of articulation the reality of the shadow that is the ego in isolation from others and all of Life, or God.. the old cliché that "you are your own worst enemy" rings especially true here, and conversely your true Being defined as inseparably a child of God, intrinsic to the Whole of Life, to Universal Benevolence and All that Is.