Thursday, November 15, 2018

Amnesia, Mass Brainwashing & Fallacy of “Living for the Future”

Eastern philosophy writer and scholar Alan Watts gives a wonderfully clear, to the point and real no-nonsense talk about how educational institutions have been subject to centuries of cultural brainwashing, thus subjecting the vast majority of westerners to mass conformity, industrial-consumer slavery and identity crisis resulting out of the loss of core spiritual-human values. Obedience as we know it is to the will of a misguided dysfunctional intellectual/cultural power elite and clever deceit tactics of power-crazed leaders.

 The sad part of the rat race is in the tragic forgetting of who you are (or I am...) as an intelligent Being and Soul, hidden deep underneath many thick layers of ego and artificially conditioned behaviors. With this inner dissociation comes the forgetting also that life is now or never, not to be found in an imagined tomorrow that never comes, and tragically for so many this vision for tomorrow remains stuck in a futile stagnant state of “perpetual preparation”, forever planning, wishing, dreaming and hoping.

 A sense of self-actualized existence and a life lived to full creative expression is always an acting or a doing, or conversely found in stillness and non-doing, just being. There is often planning and forward movement, but nothing remains of fear and doubts nor of other useless and undermining preoccupations about all that is merely imagined and not happening now.


(Edited 11/22/2018 @ 5:00 p.m.)

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