Sunday, April 28, 2019

The first agreement - Be impeccable with your word- Don Miguel Ruiz

In retrospect, I should have read or listened to this great work upon first hearing about it years ago! Today I am thankful for the receiving of all such ancient practical teachings. "Impeccability with the Word" is where the creative journey begins, and often (as a masterful writing coach once put it in our session) this clear expression is both concise and precise, for the purpose of communicating only Truth, Light and/or Love whenever possible, and most importantly remembering kindness unto oneself. All implies a Being of Divine Essence within each individual Soul, that which IS the true beholder of Light, Love, Truth, capable of correcting all sin (defined as "going against yourself") and also of working by example to create/experience “Heaven on Earth”. Word becomes deed, however it be interpreted by me, according to my cultural/lingual dispostion. Meaning that is intuitively grasped, immediately & spontaneously.


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