Thursday, January 16, 2020

Quantum Leaps of Consciousness

The time to turn attention inward to real values and the change that benefits you and others has never been so critical. What sounds to some like a pollyanna "making light of tragedies" is perhaps what many need to hear now. Own your power, and be vigilant most of all by minding your own inner process, a reality within humans which has far more power over immunity and resilience than most are normally aware of.

My thoughts do not create objective reality but when repetitive, habitual and compulsive, DO in fact influence the emotional, experiential and actionable components manifesting as what I SEE, and thereby experience as MY REALITY.

 The key point Dr. Dispenza points to regularly is to be more emotionally invested in thoughts and ideas about my future, as I deliberately choose it, and not with the repetitious past thought patterns that keep one endlessly stuck. Train your brain to do what may feel unnatural/uncomfortable at first to be ever more in touch with your super-natural true nature; unconditioned and free, calmer than before and fully alert in the face of all earthly dangers, disease and catastrophe.

The real solution you seek is always only within, although many 'outside' teachers serve to remind us often. Likewise, to stay at home and isolate is an opportunity for many of us to keep the mind inwardly focused, on matters closest to home which all too often are overlooked or under-valued in this modern world, which runs almost exclusively on extroverted pursuits and always seeking answers or happiness outside.


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