Monday, January 11, 2010

Concentration -- One-Pointedness

Focus on one thing at a time.. the magic potion, giving one task only my full attention this provides in return (for effort or service) the needed vitality and enthusiasm, the discipline of following through and the clarity of knowing instinctively what to do next, and so it goes from one matter to the next, the right answers to be found at the right time only with this one-pointed concentration....

Sometimes the one task is to multi-task, or to not fixate on one thing but just relax and take it all in... whatever the case, a sense of simplicity is the key to choosing one pointed focus even in the most hectic or widest of situations... remembering to focus on the breath is key in remembering to focus. Rather it is the simplest way to anchor oneself in the here and now.



  1. I am far from being a master in concentration, yet being a student of life (and yoga practices) this is the one true answer to my usual inattentive, more erratic and scattered way of living.

  2. When it comes down to visualizing and creating my world, as I choose it to be, the practice and discipline of concentrating on mundane often boring tasks makes it that much easier to focus effectively when the task at hand is fun or creative.. The discipline and endurance to remain with a vision or dream when the going gets tough or when there is less exciting work to be done on its behalf.