Friday, January 8, 2010

On Attention

We say "Aha... this is IT" with such poignant conviction in the inspiration or vision that fits the missing part of the puzzle... it may have only relative truth, as what is "lacking or disconnected" in me is different from you. Perhaps this is at the root of different paths and inclinations, some active and affirmative, others solemn and pensive. My central theme is *attention* or silent observing of self and world.

In other words... all mistakes I have ever made in life were the result of INATTENTION... though other things factor in as well, this as at the root of all dysfunction in life. The key is in understanding that attention means more than just listening to the teacher and participating in class... it is open and clear awareness, with the ability to see more and focus on whatever I choose as my point of interest, thus indicating intellectual and physical activity and emotional sensory experience that follows. Attention is given also, immediately, to what most urgently needs attending to... the everyday and mundane surviving and providing.


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