Tuesday, February 9, 2010


INDIVIDUAL/PERSONAL: My life is one big work out... not just physical, but intellectual and emotional. Where is there toxicity to be released, in both body and mind, and where are those tight muscles of resistance? All is Alchemy... the removal of baser elements to reveal a pure positive essence. Awareness of deep pain, of limitation and hardship, is what motivates and inspires real healing and transformation.

Life is slowed down only by holding onto too much stuff, in the instance of my computer, it is too many saved files that I don't need! Where the body is concerned it is the weight factor and the attachment to eating good food. Where the mind is concerned it is excess (unhealthy) thoughts and emotions.

SPIRITUAL/RELIGIOUS: The Abraham-ic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam referred to above in the caption is not in my mind referring in any way to the spiritual essence at the heart of these religious movements and paths... there are enlightened people in every faith, who understand the essential and common truth inherent to us all, and thus do not ultimately define themselves in terms of being a Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu or Muslim. It is this righteous of assertion of one world-spiritual ideology over another which is brought about and justified so much hell on earth... the authoritarian aspect of religion, not the truth and beauty of a truly religious spirit.

"A man of knowledge is free... he has no honor, no dignity, no family, no home, no country, but only life to be lived." -don Juan (as translated by author and friend Carlos Castaneda)... I would apply this identification with oneself as a Buddhist or Christian in any absolute sense... Truth goes beyond all labels and ultimately has no path.

Inspiration abounds... as the great VISION and the necessary preparation for a happy successful outcome. Divine Intuition continues to grow in the letting go of identification/attachment to concepts and ideals, trusting this wise inner guidance is there already working. Continue to take that next step, inquiring ever further and deeper, not knowing, embracing the boredom and and letting go of attachment to outcome...

HIGHER PURPOSE: Add to this an intention of service to humankind, and the desire to affect all (or most, within reason) others inter-personally in a happy and positive manner. This other-oriented awareness is naturally at the heart of any successful outcome... wanting more from life than just my own well being and abundance alone.

"Victory must be already achieved before any battle is fought" -- Sun Tzu "The Art of War"


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