Monday, February 15, 2010

Total Self Awareness

A clear bright light of observation, energy of pure attention and an open all-inclusive awareness, must remain constant and vigilant. This Light of all lights must continue to shine most thoroughly into all dark corners of the mind so that what was once hidden is now revealed, and thus healed. In so doing the tendency to act out on past conditioning (on darkness & past influences) becomes weaker, gradually to become completely dissolved in pure light..

Feeling is the mental-emotional response to specific earthly experiences... it is that inner radar that tells me "yes or no", "pleasant or unpleasant", "worthwhile or not worthwhile to pursue". So in the clearest observation and awareness of this bondage, of my feeling and emotional response to conditioned sensory stimuli, I am now AWARE of a more appropriate, empowering and healing feeling response. I know that something which provides a certain pleasure I've grown accustomed (or addicted) to is in fact at the root of much self-created pain.

When alcohol, taken out of moderation (to get drunk), is seen as the destructive and life draining poison that it is (in excess), then I would say clear observation and total awareness or mindfulness is operating unobstructed. Where once there was pleasure and comfort there now is repulsion, where self-destructive activity or consumption is transformed into constructive withdrawal from all active engagement in detrimental immediate gratification.

Likewise the same can be applied to one's thoughts, inner dialogue and negative self-talk (or self-limiting beliefs)... to that which is perceived as painful and burdensome as well as that which is pleasurable. Simply shining the light of conscious clarity upon ALL that IS, both inside and outside, allows for a healing to take place whose one and only salvation is in stillness, where all energy and light is withdrawn from all activity for the supreme human purpose of looking, listening, transforming and healing via total self awareness...


"When you have established the discipline of this constant awareness, this constant watchfulness upon all that you think and feel and do, then life ceases to be the tyrannical, tedious, confusing thing that it is for most of us, and becomes but a series of opportunities towards that perfect fulfillment. The goal of life is, therefore, not something far off, to be attained in the distant future, but it is to be realised moment by moment in that now which is all eternity." J.Krishnamurti - Early Works, circa 1930

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