Monday, May 3, 2010

Turn On Tune In Drop Out

The infamous instructions of Timothy Leary which, independent of hallucinogen use, prove to be deeply meaningful beyond popular meaning, especially the "drop out" part because it lays a foundation for the other two, the yang and yin respectively.

Astrologically Uranus (God of The Sky) "turns us on", Neptune (God of The Oceans and Heavens) "tunes us in" and Pluto (God of the Underworld and Death) assists every dark soul in dropping out, in the breakdown of old outworn ideals and toxic perspectives. The three outermost planets (Gods) together embody and effect a trans-personal psychic transformation and inner-outer revolution, the inevitability of change, impermanence and ending of all material-social-mental fixation.

Most specifically, to drop out of the Saturnine Reality view, of both psychologically and socially imposed limitations, the prison of social obligation, the fear and conformity.Saturn (Father Time) is the great tester, the taskmaster, and the root of ego, interdependent with the outer environment... the test happens via Chiron, the rainbow bridge to the outer planets, by first dropping out of egoic mental patterns and fixed views of reality, then effortlessly turning on and tuning in to all of the universal vibration embodied in Uranus and Neptune, the
Cosmic Yang and Yin respectively.

Drop out of everything you think is important and just allow the moment to be... Don't burden self with complications, just dissolve (psychically) this conditioned man made socially contrived reality, its horrific and toxic effects upon you and I conditionally, and reunite with the *turned on, tuned* in human being that you really and truly are. Dropping out of the false reality is turning on and tuning in to what is true, not socially nor consensually but for you alone and all of humanity with whom you are universally in vibrational resonance.

Those all important realities, which are so valuable and precious as to be truly un-drop-able, do in fact survive the dropping out process as it only filters out all inessential elements from life, especially negative self talk and conformity to all kinds of useless misguiding authority. Regarding those people close to us, for example, with whom there is mutual support and interdependency, the only thing dropped here is the sad stories, the worthless worrying, and the constant pre-occupation with my own life (my survival, happiness, success, spiritual growth, etc, etc...) which in truth only hinders the capacity to love and be fully attentive or present for others anyhow.


"Each one has to become aware of the process of ignorance, the illusions that one has created. Intellect cannot lead you out of this present chaos, confusion and suffering. Reason must exhaust itself, not by retreating, but through integral comprehension and love of life. When reason no longer has the capacity to protect you, through explanations, escapes, logical conclusions, then when there is complete vulnerability, utter nakedness of your whole being, there is the flame of love."

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