Monday, May 3, 2010

Where Light Is, Darkness Is Not

The conflict in which we exist is not a struggle between good and evil, between the self and the not-self. The struggle is in our own self-created duality, between our various self-protective desires. There cannot be a conflict between light and darkness; where light is, darkness is not.

As long as fear exists, there must continue conflict, though that fear may disguise itself under different names. And as fear cannot free itself through any means, for all its efforts spring from its own source, there must be the cessation of all intellectual safeguards. This cessation comes, spontaneously, when the mind reveals to itself its own process. This takes place only when there is integral awareness, which is not the result of a discipline, or of a moral or economic system, or of enforcement. Each one has to become aware of the process of ignorance, the illusions that one has created. Intellect cannot lead you out of this present chaos, confusion and suffering. Reason must exhaust itself, not by retreating, but through integral comprehension and love of life. When reason no longer has the capacity to protect you, through explanations, escapes, logical conclusions, then when there is complete vulnerability, utter nakedness of your whole being, there is the flame of love.

Truth alone can free each one from the sorrow and confusion of ignorance. Truth is not the end of experience it is life itself. It is not of tomorrow, it is of no time. It is not a result, an achievement, but the cessation of fear, want.

- Collected Works Volume 3, Ommen 8th Public Talk 10th August, 1937


  1. Be an eclectic opportunist... take the cream of the crop from everything learned, from every divergent and competing school of thought, and discard the rest... here you have Truth, with a capital T.

  2. ... and dont for a minute believe that this learned wisdom (understanding) is anything other than a reflection of what is already within you.

  3. the Truth with a Capital T is the unitary message and meaning common to All... the differences between all religious schools of thought are what is true to that particular religion, but not to the Ultimate Authority which is beyond all of these. The negation of all man-made authorities is loyalty and devotion to the only GOD there is, and on this level of understanding it is not rude to discuss religion, at least not to me.