Monday, April 2, 2012


By Joel D Zenie

Though this world be a sinking ship, and this body going down with it, I fear not.. for the knowledge that I am not this body, nor of this world, becomes self evident. Reaching for the light of the Sun, ascending toward the Heavens, I see and feel the call to ultimate freedom, leaving behind all human fears, pain and suffering.

The Great Eastern Sun shines eternally with the promise of renewal and transcendence of yesterday. It reminds that pleasures of the senses, when indulged immoderately and to addiction, are what keep this Soul bound in darkness, with deep rooted attachments and the fear of losing all (including one's own essential being). As all materialistic/animalistic desire, with it's mix of pleasure and pain, is brought to light and seen through the wise eyes of Spirit, the desired object/image and all its associations dissolve instantly back into yesterday's consciousness.. a previous evolutionary stage that one need not repeatedly regress back into

As I look to the Sun it warms me and encourages deep inner faith, and as I look to the Moon it nurtures me along this treacherous yet joyous and meaningful Earthly journey.

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