Saturday, April 28, 2012

Self Realization in Action

By Joel D Zenie
Self Realization or Enlightenment is what bestows reality upon those mystical experiences of youth and early adulthood.. where life is a meaningful journey and my own Self (as Witness) is at the creative, perceptive and active center of it all. This awareness is what makes each moment of life meaningful regardless of what is happening, pleasant or unpleasant, sacred or profane. Vedanta is not a practical philosophy nor a formula of success for making things happen in your material life. It does however, through meditation in action, make possible the perfect spontaneous response to what is happening now, and keeps the individual from losing self in externals (mentally, physically, environmentally and socially).
 This foundation of right action, a.k.a the basic Ground of Being, is essential for a happy and liberated existence in the present moment and assists you in gracefully going with the flow. The implementation of practical (often repetitive) action is what allows for something meaningful to concretely manifest. Creativity requires both this present moment Self Awareness and the willingness to both create and implement a structure, thus going with the flow while also planning/directing your course consciously.

Some Principles of Living in Spirit (The Heart Center):

1- Non identification with being spiritually evolved person and not identifying oneself as this or that religion. I am here and now, alive, awake and present... beyond this, I have no other self image or construct.

2- The loss of "spiritual ego" in the sense of believing you have "attained something special"... the recognition that the life force is always in motion and evolves ever onward, without rest.

3- Non-comparison of one's own spiritual progress with that of others, both on and off the Path of Knowledge.

4- Humility, Kindness, Compassion, Equanimity... while remaining centered in Self and focused fixedly (one pointedly) upon one's own Primary Purpose.

5- Never ceasing in the inquiry of "Who Am I?" and the Consciousness "I Am".

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