Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Life Beyond Words

Do people really believe in the superstitious notion that your words create your experience of life? Only at the most superficial material levels I would say you could train your conscious brain to bring positive autosuggestion to the subconscious, to satisfy small interests and desires. On deeper levels however it is feelings and imagination that bring all thought forms into being, which then become outward pronouncements, habits and creative manifestations. Only in transcending the illusion of identification with thinking mind does one begin to have mastery over it's negative conditioning and thus over one's individual creation.

This is what I think the Buddha meant when saying that "one is the sum total of all that one has thought", yet from the perspective that the thinking verbalizing self is not the True Reality. When the deeper mind like a still lake clearly reflects the language of the Heart, then only are the extrovert capacities of the individual endowed with right minded thoughts, ideas and actions... the poetic and artistic expression that includes yet transcends the words and images that articulate it.

One can speak very positive words and yet feel and act totally different behind the scenes. A winning exterior does NOT ensure a happy and prosperous life. The harder and more compulsively you try "thinking the right thoughts" the more resistance is aroused from a repressed shadow part of the mind.

For all the above reasons, I believe that our use of words and language has but a superficial power and significance. One must discontinue the habit of giving them more importance than they are worth.

In Pure Being, Feeling & Seeing,

JD Zenie

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