Thursday, August 16, 2012

How Overthinking Can Eclipse Living

Some thinking is very necessary and accurate, yet when losing oneself in the thought process the natural very primal impetus to act upon or engage with immediate surroundings is often lost. Energy given to processing thought is energy taken away from daily living in/through the physical body, senses and earthly surroundings. The capacity and energy for efficient work is lessened as the spontaneous enthusiastic impulse to act is compromised and exchanged for the rather deadening world of mental abstraction.

 One must be able to use the mind as an ally, to use thought as a practical tool, without drowning in an ocean of psychic mental phenomena. The key is rembembering to forget everything and begin over again, opening to the ever-changing present moment with a fresh beginners mind, and allowing whatever thoughts that arise to just flow and guide me spontaneously in the form of temporary messages or signs. Cling to none of it and yet know that it is all there to affirm the importance of what I am living, doing, having and experiencing right now.

Occasionally I can allow myself to read over notes to refresh something in my mind, whenever useful and possible in the present, but not to rely on this too heavily nor to get stuck there. Do not stay in the world of ideation and mental abstraction for very long... BE ready to move forward with whatever I already know, like an actor about to go on stage to recite his lines, putting on a planned yet spontaneous performance.

JD Zenie

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