Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Emptiness & Consciousness

Consciousness is low entropy attention to the present moment or matter at hand. Within it lies the capacity for negation of all contents of consciousness, including the thought "I must do this, that and the other thing". It is the power to focus attention one pointedly on the most immediate task at hand, inwardly or outwardly, then keeping a steady flow from one moment/action/experience to the next.
The power of roman numeral X and #10 is the primal Zero-One factors focused upon the reality of ones own creation (Numbers One & Two and all others following) while simultaneously negating (via Zero) all resistant thoughts, feelings and outer obstacles such as laziness/lethargy/heaviness or dark cloudy confusion. Zero returns the ego to emptiness or pure essence, which in daily life similar to going to sleep or hitting 'reset' and starting a new game or task.

It is Emptiness that creates form(s) and microcosmically takes the original form of "I", the individual person... the most essential singular vessel for divine universal energy. To receive the Universal one must exhale the breath completely, thus be empty of breath, and then be ready to inhale so that the divine power or Prana is embodied, outwardly expressed and manifested. Exhalation induces calm relaxation, slowing down and finding that even steady pace. So the outward activity level is even and constant.

The reward is far greater for he/she who restrains and focuses energy without haste or waste. To rush through life is to scatter energy,lose focus and give up too quickly. Patience is essential, as in the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow "learn to labor and to wait". This is why we take time out of each day to sit still and meditate
into an ever deeper silence.
In Mindfulness, Clear Light & Alive Presence....

Joel D Zenie

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