Sunday, November 3, 2013

Unconditioned Self in Action

Performing actions is a way to move ever closer to my true and highest state of consciousness and being. Everything from doing yoga to cleaning the house to performing duties at work. All are ways of not only progressing materially and physically but also growing spiritually. 

It is the act of Creation which is not permanent Absolute Reality but momentary and relative to here now experience on Earth... to the self as individual soul or jiva, which is not separate from Atman/Self and the True Reality, but is the duality principle of Maya (Illusory Existence of the Person, the World & My God).

Here on Earth: the mind and body, psyche and soma, inner and outer, at their highest functioning are in perfect unity and harmony, or Satva. This is the Divine Will made manifest in human creation through individual human beings. 

This is what one could call "spiritual life" from the individual's perspective, though Spirit is ultimately beyond the individual and creation and at the Source of both. Here it is essential that one must come from an inward place, a meditative mindful center of awareness. The Witness, He who awakens to unity with Truth or Self.

Joel D Zenie

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