Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On Matter, Materialism and Money: A Positive Perspective

The Body is to life on Earth what Money is to having a life in the world. While one does exist as a spiritual being independent of human/physical existence, it is the material vehicle/vessel that allows for consciousness, abundance, intelligence and love to manifest in the Physical World. The Body is my seed of physical aliveness and Money is the seed of material abundance. All in this realm of matter and form is subject to birth and death, though the innate consciousness, abundance, intelligence and love exists eternally as my own innermost Being, birthless and deathless.
Remembering that with just 10% of my conscious attention given each day to inner being, meditation, detachment and letting go, 90% of my waking life is spent focused on the here and now, the physical reality, body, surroundings and worldly tasks/goals. Because it is what is happening now, and only now, it demands full attention at the foreground though the subconscious background is rooted in deep Faith and a crystal clear Awareness of Eternal Being. Because this precious human life which has been born, and has grown to such maturity, is subject to death and dissolution when the prana eventually departs from the physical food body (outer shell), it is most vital to give our full being whole-heartedly to this life, to this present moment reality, the illusion and play of existence (the Universe as Nature, Nurture & Culture) that is inseparable from the Supreme Reality that some of us call God or Spirit.
Personal Experience: The past two days I contemplated and acted out of the awareness that physical health and fitness is key to feeling good and general well being, helping me to live more fully and contentedly in the present moment. Today I contemplate the value of acquiring money and knowledge/skills as the sole means for manifesting what I wish to create, produce and manifest in this life. Inner Consciousness needs the vehicle of the outer Body, inner Abundance requires the medium of external Wealth, and inner Intelligence must have Information and outside Knowledge to create something beautiful, meaningful, purposeful, like the building of a small organic farm that is grounded in sustainability and located in a positive high vibration area.

I have developed an innate understanding of the deeper spiritual realm where my Soul dwelleth, and what my intentions and aspirations are for Spiritual Growth. Right now, this very moment, it has become most immediately urgent and vital that I apply conscious Active Intelligence coupled with total Commitment/Concentration to the present day Tasks At Hand, which includes both the overall Dream/Vision and the Concrete Steps that must be taken to manifest it. This is why I must make friends with money and material concerns and embrace the challenge fully with goals of total self sufficiency and abundant joyful living in mind.
Joel David Zenie

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