Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Freedom to Inquire

Freedom implies, does it not, that you must not follow anyone? You must be free to inquire, not accept, not look to a guide, to a system, to a saviour, to a guru. Freedom implies that you must have the capacity to inquire, not into what others say, but to inquire within yourself, to investigate, to examine the whole structure of a human mind—that is, our mind, your mind.And any form of conformity, imitation according to a pattern, a mould, does not allow free inquiry. And what we are going to talk about demands that you be free to listen—not only to the word but to the meaning of the word, and not be a slave to the word, not accept whatever the speaker says, or deny what he says, but listen to find out.
J.Krishnamurti Reflections on the Self, p 182

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