Saturday, May 23, 2009

Clarity in Action

Clarity I am quite blessed and well equipped with... even after dumping alcohol and other toxins into my body; yet that clarity at present is far from fully enlightened because my action and decision-making processes (though not at all weak) have been blocked and obscured... of course intoxication has affected me negatively in this way, frustrating the already existing inner affliction all the more, but the root of it goes way deeper, and that is where healing is needed... not in my intellectual nor spiritual being but in my kinetic active expression, and in practicing what I know (or preach).

The why, the understanding, the vision needs to expand, and that is why we don't just sit around all day and think. Action is imperative in life, as is thought and emotion... each needs to function efficiently so to prevent the whole circuit from breaking down. As the proverb (yogi tea) goes "A man is as vast as he acts"... so be it that clarity is an ever expanding awareness of the relatively and ultimately real, requiring individual action to be made manifest... to be truly victorious!


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