Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I See therefore I Am

I SEE, both inwardly and outwardly, with the mind and the eye both, therefore I think, feel, act and perceive. Seeing is pure attention, kinetic conscious energy takes dynamic form as thoughts (or images) and feelings, actions and perceptions. Thinking and feeling belongs to the Astral realm while acting and perceiving (or experiencing) characterize the Physical realm.

All that I think, feel, do and experience is a projection or product of what I SEE. To be skillful in mind and body means to see without the observer/thinker, to be silent and aware, ego-less in the sense of being without self-consciousness. To see clearly, undisturbed by transient thoughts and feelings, compulsive actions and fixated perceptions, is to think, feel and act gracefully, in harmony with WHAT IS.

Seeing is the nature and function of the Causal (Wisdom/Bliss) Body, at the seed of the Soul, the creative essence and divine spark in man.


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