Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quantum Alignment - Unconditional Acceptance

Aligning with good feeling experiences, inner and outer, is an act of trust, of total acceptance inwardly regardless of outer circumstance and inner feeling states. In short, the alignment begins on the inside and naturally spontaneously attracts or manifests that reality which matches the inner adjustment, in the joy of letting go and letting God......

The Quantum Connection is inner alignment, the smallest common denominator, the reducing of all externally perceived phenomena, my inner thoughts/emotions and external experiences, back to the fundamental root of consciousness. Letting everything go, except the present moment... that here/now reality which is the focus of this moment, where I am totally in focus. From this inner alignment I receive effortlessly and spontaneously the Divine Light of Source or Spirit.

In the acceptance (or non-resistance) of this eternal now we discover death is an illusion, when we give up the struggle and consequent friction of existence, of racing against time, and cease to resist all inevitable changes to body, mind and surroundings... Conflicts are confronted willingly and openly but no longer initiated. As Bruce Lee would call this "the art of fighting without fighting". This is the path of the peaceful warrior.


Status for 12/11:

"Giving up the struggle, discovering ease in the face of any conflicts that arise... aligning with the good vibrations, what is and feels right for me, in harmony with others and all that is... easing comfortably into a life that flows endlessly forward downstream and going with it in faith that positive action will follow through in good time, yet the point is not to act but to receive and allow IT to act through me."

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