Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Life is an Improv Play

I have looked to systems, theories, formulas and ideologies... everything from astrology to eastern philosophies to quantum theory and universal laws. I think now ideals have meaning only where they are irrelevant to the present. This present moment requires clarity, simplicity, sharpness in getting from a to b. The most immediate answers sought are not in any preconceived formula for living nor in any philosophy...

Believing becomes true only in the light of being, not in daydreaming or conceiving of anything at all. Ideas are too confounding and only cloud the central issues of life when we refuse to let them go. As the Zen folk say "chop wood, carry water"... to LIVE IN FOCUS and not on a philosophical cloud.

Passive reflective moments can breed insight of a positive inspirational nature, in connection with some bit of wisdom previously learned... stored as wisdom and proper guidance in the vast ocean of subconscious memory, imagination or dream world. This however is only fruitful in times when downtime is break time not quitting time... when in the moments of rest one is thinking clearly, giving attention to matters of direct personal importance rather than seeking an outside escape (even as the television is running in the background, I am not deterred by it from my point of focus); nor should I seek a rationalization or some "higher meaning" to experience but"just LIVE it", SEE and FEEL life as it IS... without always blindly and habitually seeking the answer or truth in our cognition or thinking process.

The Edie Brickell song where she says "don't let me get too deep" comes immediately to mind...

It's all in the improvisation, the act of immediate living (the Play or Dance of Life) which we elaborate upon with our brilliant inventive intellects and "make up as we go along"... it is liberating to know that I don't have to think about it all too hard, don't have to search for anything that is not already here, and then I gradually figure everything out as I go along...

Life (right now, for me personally) is a "hands on" job, not a university where I might go away to study nor a cave in the Himalayas where I hope to find God.

Nothing is preplanned... this is the wondrous beauty and excitement of letting myself BE.


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