Friday, June 25, 2010

Courage To Be

Even more essential and vital to life than expansion/evolution, beauty, magic and abundantly broad scope of experience(s) is the quality of consciousness, an immediate presence given to the act of experiencing. The first act, of living this moment, is one of glorious living presence, direct, embodied and aware on many levels at once.

A Yogi tea proverb says "It is not life that matters so much as the courage we bring to it"... if life is eternal (as well as ephemeral) than truly it is not to be worried about to the point where I forget my own role, that of a liberated soul taking bodily form and learning to rise above limitations (first by accepting them).

"Carpe Diem" or "Seize the Day!" means to live this day in the eternal now uninterruptedly... the intense focus of this present moment remains a constant in the light of ever greater Spiritual Awakening... or waking up to True Being.

To never waste time in regret over the past or worry over the future, neither of past failures nor fears for the future. Whether one is hopeful or doubtful about the fate of the personal self, this present moment and the will to live fully within it are the common essential factors to being in a higher conscious vibration.


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