Sunday, June 13, 2010

True Self

Be your Self without the mirror.. See your Self without the image.. Live in connection, without external comparison, let go of old memories and baggage and just FOCUS... Then say "I CAN BE WHATEVER I WILL TO BE"!!!

Discover for yourself what the true 'I' truly is and under no circumstances allow it to be overruled ever! Here is where I do not merely accept circumstances as they existentially are... I choose to steer and direct my path forward... I've come too far and endured too much to quit now!! Even if I do nothing else with this short time on Earth, I WILL alter the present circumstances in life to become as I choose them to be...

There is always more to do, more life to live, so idle temporary distractions and temptations are only the product of inattention, of losing the central focus. In remaining present, true to purpose, all things outside of centrality and momentum are seen as the illusory unnecessary diversions that they are, unless enjoyed only for that fleeting moment and not carried over.

Contentment is that very patient human faculty which makes the moment bearable (forbearance), so that we may have the strength to continue on with our goals and aspirations. This in reference to the external situation as it manifests in the present reality. There is this existential reality born of past actions, where acceptance and contentment is most necessary, and yet without projecting too far into the future I think it true to say that the present is full of possibility and personal power.

My very existence on this Earth is to support fully THE INDIVIDUAL... not society, not what you want me to support, but the power of the people to rise up as individuals and claim the birthright of Selfhood... the closest most real truth there is to Godhood, where group dominated partisan interests and consensus opinion are entirely irrelevant.

While understanding the role of group activity and consensus opinion, especially in a democratic system, I also understand that groups of every kind are made up of individuals. Without the individual there exists neither groups nor a collective. Some are here to fulfill that worldly authority and be part of the status quo... Without knocking this I come to the understanding that my passion and interest is to serve liberate and empower the individual... the only link to a universal connection and the possibility of co-creating and co-existing in a more enlightened humane society.

Ego annihilation is a big lie... and the most destructive. The ego (at worst) is only a dysfunctional and deluded expression of the True Self. Tending to this garden of personal identity, the ego is seen to be inseparable from the core individuality of The Self and Universe and need only not overextend its role in relation to the whole. So long as the ego is watched vigilantly in it's tendencies to become arrogant, vain and power mad, it remains as the capacity of the individual doer to be functional and centered in the outside world... The authentic individuality is way beyond this ego sense alone, yet the latter serves a most positive evolutionary function for the good of the former.

Life is one big wonderful workout, a movement from darkness to light, where what doesn't kill me makes me stronger and sometimes the only way out is through...


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