Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ending the Me

What takes place when living now, today, this morning, when the brain actually ceases, ends its memories, its images, its conclusions? - which is the content of consciousness - you follow? Can my brain, my consciousness, which is the 'me', can that, with all its content, come to an end, living, not at the end of another ten years through disease, living now? Can that mind, can that consciousness empty its content, therefore empty the 'me' - do you understand all this? Is that ever possible?

I get up and go to my room, after I have talked here; the knowledge where that room is must exist otherwise it is not possible to live at all - right? So knowledge, which is based on experience and memory, from which all thought arises and therefore thought is never free and never new, that knowledge must exist, which is part of consciousness, isn't it? Are you meeting all this - right sir? Somebody come with me. Riding a bicycle, driving a car, speaking a different language, that knowledge must exist, that is also part of consciousness. But that knowledge is used by the 'me' as a separative movement, uses that knowledge for its own psychological comfort and power, position, prestige and all the rest of it. Right? So I am asking myself, whether that consciousness, with all its content as the psychological movement as the 'me' can end now, so that the mind is aware of what death means, and to see what happens.

J.Krishnamurti - Brockwood Park 3rd Public Talk 8th September 1973

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