Friday, August 13, 2010

Insight in Action

"Stay sharp. Get plenty of oxygen to your blood with deep breathing and exercise. Ideally, your mind and body will be in a perpetual state of readiness."

Virgo Horoscope for 8/8 - by Holiday Mathis (Daily Freeman)

Work slower and mindfully... but KEEP WORKING. The key is minimizing distraction and staying focused, at any speed. At times I can pick up the pace and this is a blessing of personal power and freewill, but not all the time... so the important thing is simply to keep moving.


Focus on the BIG things before the little things... tackle those big boxes first, not the one or two papers that are out of place. Then do a final cleanup at the end.


My life is taking a positive turn in the direction of emphasizing the creative and joyful... what I WANT to do, because what I have to do is coming ever more under my control via the mature and developed capacity for responsibility.


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