Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Presence to Purpose

Preliminary Purpose - Pure Intrinsic Awareness gives light to Inner Consciousness (psyche/mind), with all mental goings on, positive and negative, pleasant and painful, active and passive, functional and dysfunctional. In a state of clear undistorted observation one is detached and aware, without objective identification (objectification), letting go and letting God. With clarity, understanding and vision, this intrinsic awareness dissolves and re-creates all images of illusory earthly and psychic phenomena, as all external phenomena come and go, entering and departing the screen of awareness. The appearances are fleeting, the awareness itself Eternal. "I AM NOW"

Spirit (conscious being) = Soul-Psyche (human being) = Universe (formless/infinite being) or Consciousness, Sub-Consciousness and Super-Consciousness respectively.

The natural unfolding of Purpose into active manifestation, life experience & self expression is as follows:

I Primary Purpose

Spontaneous Expression - Letting Self go, Living in Non-duality or Pure Presence. Immediacy of action with focus on matter at hand. Living without self consciousness, nor without any doubt/hesitation. To act consciously in accordance with choice and freewill, in the moment, negating the heavy binding influence of all the rest. Choosing to focus attention here and now, immediately, without the fog of excess thinking. The will to be that allows all negatives and positives in life to coexist, while mindfully and willingly choosing the positive alignment and orientation. Being/Seeing = Thinking + Feeling = Doing + Having = Creative Manifestation (Becoming) = Higher Purpose

II Secondary Purpose:

Practical Implementation - Efficiency, effective, mindful and productive action... also toxic elimination in mind-body and environment. The daily workload with lists and agendas, ground rules and limits, and a backbone of natural order. Each moment when I take responsible action that involves discipline and duty, observances and restrictions (of good and bad behavior respectively), inner-outer commitments and service to human society. Learning systems, exercises and practices (like "Getting Things Done" by David Allen) which help one to manage responsibility and "have a mind like water".

Where the Primary Purpose indicates "what I WANT to do" the Secondary Purpose is "what I HAVE to do" to make it all possible, beginning with ordinary tasks like cooking meals, cleaning house, going to work, bringing home the bacon, and keeping an orderly efficient running system of operations that begins right at home. For example, even if one is going on vacation there are plans of implementation, travel, food and lodging and many other details that call for mindful attention.

III Tertiary Purpose:

3a) Service & Socialization - Helping or serving as many as possible, finding vocation that serves humanity, contributing to causes, volunteer work, spontaneous helpfulness, group and spiritual activities. Generosity, good will and conduct. Close relationships serving as reminder to mindful/aware of others, thinking of others and not living in a self-enclosed cocoon.

3b) Social Connections - Opportunities and new experiences via others, Friendships that supportive and positive. Includes counseling, medical attention and all things healing or therapeutic. Participating in group events of common interest, with others who share my ideals, dreams and aspirations.

IV Evolutionary Purpose:

4a) Deliberate Creation (Expansion/Imagination) - Quantum Creation and the power of positive thinking... creative visualization, working creatively upon the foundations of immediate expression, practical implementation, service and socialization. One who generates positive vibrations, having a chosen a conscious focus (as in primary purpose, more developed). This divine power of freewill brings out our fullest creative capacity in accordance with universal and natural laws of abundance/attraction.

Inner and outer wealth/abundance are inseparable, and financial growth serves a primary individual-spiritual purpose. Here at the pinnacle of life it's all about focusing courageously and positively on what you desire and ignoring or letting go of your fear... mainly any fear of becoming powerful and successful.

4b) Higher Learning (Education/Intuition) - Reading, Research, Schooling, Online Resources, Articles and Newsletters, Books on Spirituality, Self-Development, Improving Financial Resources, Managing Time, Writing, Buddhism, Yoga, Philosophy. Whether in solitude or with a class or group of people, we learn new subjects to sharpen our skills and/or knowledge within a given field of understanding, functioning or general living.

V Higher Purpose:

Spiritual Evolution (Empowerment/Illumination) - Realization of Power, Wisdom, Love, Clarity and Calmness. Mastery of Self, Realization of Unity... and all of the challenges, trials and tribulations that lead us further along the path of Dharma and Truth. Here is where the Primary Purpose is realized in its entirety, having gone through the practical, social and evolutionary processes (or realms) of being in the world.

"The Subduer said that all the unbearable suffering of the three lower realms is the fruition of wrongdoing. Therefore, never committing negative deeds, even at peril to one's life, is the Bodhisattvas' practice." ~ From The Thirty-Seven Bodhisattva Practices by Ngulchu Thogme Zangpo


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