Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Individual versus Common Truth(s)

This is not to say that common truths should go unappreciated and be left in the past. Rather, when something is learned it becomes automatic and instinctive, so to repeat it mentally is just adding more thought clutter and taking the focus away from learning something new. Repetition has its importance in practice, though it can dull the mind when one remains too fixated on a given idea.

We all are learning different common truths at various times in our lives, and an experience in/of the present that is unique. So there is a short and very enlightening time of coming together and saying "yes, I understand and really like what you are saying"... and then just as we are unique in our individual experience and expressions, the matrix of truth or reality that we see it through must modify that common understanding so to be meant more and more specifically for that person only to receive and understand.

What is most true for a given individual, at any given moment, need not receive approval or affirmation from the outside... there should be enough coming from within, from very the source of each individual being.

Today's Status:
"Most common truths/insights shared, either from others or myself (although usually correct) do not appeal so much anymore... when you hear the same affirmations a million times over it seems pointless/repetitive to keep saying and hearing what is known already. This is why understanding is becoming more of an individual experience, very specific to the moment I AM in though not usually relevant to others"...


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