Thursday, June 18, 2009

Uranus and Freedom from the Known - Transcending Jupiter-Saturn Consciousness

Jupiter shows us where a man or woman can just flow and be authentically oneself, within the social context of role playing, and naturally a lot of good comes out of this. This accompanied more often than not (in the average individual) with shadows of arrogance, carelessness or extravagance, an overly-cavalier and/or self-indulgent attitude toward life and (in some cases) a refusal to own up to what one chooses not to see in oneself. Out of control drunken behavior being a clear example of Jupiterian energy at its lowest half-cocked vibration. Jupiter, at its highest function, is the guide or philosopher who gives one an encouraging approach of positive inspirational thinking as a guide to living, with an optimistic outlook.

Saturn shows where it is not always okay to be freely self expressive, setting limits, enforcing rules and restrictions, adhering to codes of conduct, being fully accountable for daily responsibilities and having restraint or discipline. It is what we face each day based on the awareness that man or woman is not so perfect and free as the over-confident Jupiter has him/her thinking he/she is. There are skills to learn to make a living, errors and problems to be fixed , healing and growth that come through struggle and effort, or the discipline of a regular practice. Saturn's approach is modest and self-effacing, forever showing us how we can "do it better or right".

The excesses of Jupiter are tempered and there is a willingness to admit to a Reality or Truth (the outer planets) much greater than oneself alone. As large as the Sun is, and it's fullest expression via its largest planet Jupiter, is is but one Sun in a Universe of infinite others, and the capacity to learn new truths, explore new lands, and expand beyond anything one previously thought IS indeed a possibility! The first step to humble self and be willing to learn, inquire, see more to life beyond limits of the individual ego and personality perspective(s).

Chiron the wounded healer is a bridge from the middle to outer planets... it indicates a need for total healing and transformation that one must go through as a result of experiences in the world (Jupiter & Saturn). It is the crisis point where one must face the inner wounded aspects of oneself to go further beyond, to see clearly and act intuitively. Chiron is the key to Uranian cosmic consciousness.

It is only at URANUS, after having endured and gone beyond Chiron's testing ground, that the insight to life is clear. It is here that we are truly objective, feel the four winds, tempering Jupiter with Saturn, enlivening (or enlightening) Saturn with Jupiter, knowing when to switch back and forth, sometimes in the mundane physical world of Saturn other times in the formless spiritual realm of Jupiter.

What Uranus reveals intuitively to each individual has to be personally experienced, yet it's Truth differs slightly from Jupiter in that the Cosmic Wisdom beyond what one already personally knows (via Jupiter) reveals a truth previously unknown, and which is most relevant to the present moment or matter at hand.


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  1. "Jupiter shows where an individual person can easily flow and be truly authentically oneself,

    Q: in what sense??

    within the social context of role playing, and naturally a lot of good comes out of this".

    Q: are there other contexts??

    Authentically as one who does not seek the approval of others to act, improvisation-ally, either by oneself or in social settings. There is a kind of natural flowing spontaneity, without self-consciousness (stiffness) or pretension (phony behavior), and without thinking oneself inferior or superior.

    Jupiter, I would say, includes all contexts of individual and personal experience... this it has in common with the other Fire Signs on the personal level. It involves a much larger and wider reality where the individual is part of a greater collective or social sphere, where the natural role playing instinct of Leo becomes an ever-widening experience due to embracing a great number of social contexts over the course of life. The other side of Jupiter is likely to experience authenticity living close to nature or following natural instincts.

    As all contexts of life are embraced there is also the synthetic or gestalt awareness of how individual, collective and universal are essentially interconnected...

    is there action without a role?

    I would say yes and no, at the Aries level (the very beginning) action is solitary, survival oriented, or instinctive... like when we first wake in the morning and act without having given much thought to anything let alone social contexts. Still there is a role, just not a socially defined role so much as "I am _____ and I am getting up to go do these things so I can make it to work on time". Or to clean the house or go for a walk, these are activities where the role involves "an I" without "a me"... inner sense of playing a role which is not visible to any others.

    Incidentally, I previously neglected to mention creative and artistic ventures as other possible outlets for spontaneous authentic expression and direct (intuitive) insight, be it through lyrical, auditory or visual expression.

    J D Z