Friday, June 26, 2009


Carelessness (or inattention) is mine only enemy

As the Dalai Lama succinctly says (in Live at Central Park), "Enemy is Guru"... I thought for years that my neighbors were enemies, and I left feeling a relatively positive relation with all, no harm no foul, water under the bridge, etc... I thought my landlord was the biggest thorn in my side, and realize now that it was his nagging difficult ... Read Moreinfluence that caused this tremendous spurt of personal growth/progress, allowing for a whole new start elsewhere, with a new friend or landlady who has been very supportive and helpful.

There are the over confident types with strong conviction, wishy washy confused lost souls who have none, and then there's folks like me who say "I honestly don't know" and then learn to enjoy the mystery of unknowing...

In the midst of this great ocean of unknowing I am finding my inspiration! I believe my upcoming book will become a reality... I dont have to know, believing is enough :)

Answers we get are more in the way of images, intuitions and feelings that are moments of believing without having to see it with our eyes or hear with our ears... it is the great hope that exists within, which cannot be made evident, this coinciding with the believing that anything is possible... yet if God were to come down and give us a ... Read Moreguarantee that it is, then where would the fun and adventure be in that? I used to seek a definite answer to deep questions like who am I and what is my ultimate destiny... now I give thanks for the X Factor, the law of uncertainty!


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