Monday, June 15, 2009


Liberation = Knowing and feeling THIS moment that everything I have ever said and thought, have done or failed to do, is already said and done... Meaning it is irrelevant with regard to "who I am" (or "what is") now, so I choose only to give relevance and continuity to that aspect of "my past" which is capable of creating the most good..... (to be continued)

The dream, the ideal and the vision, all are actual, here and now... there is no such dualistic reality as "realism vs idealism" as both are true only in their unity/integration and falsely deluding when viewed in isolation. No ideal outside of what is, and no concrete reality outside of the dreamy visionary realm of eternity..... (to be further continued)

When the primary motivation and aspiration of my life is no longer to be impressive, or admired as something exceptional and competitively victorious over others, it becomes a genuine pure desire for humility and sanity, good health, inner calm abiding and the peculiar form of enlightenment where ego and self importance are entirely abandoned and dissolved in favor of simple well being...


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