Monday, July 6, 2009

Journal: On Confrontation versus Letting Go

With Regard to Inner Darkness, Resistance & Conflict
"In terms of "solving the problem" I believe it about letting it be there and being fully present with it, or "sit with it" in meditation... the moment we try to DO anything about it we add more fuel to the fire... to the problem. That is important to realize... if I view something as a problem to be solved, rather than just see it directly and let it be, then I set up unnecessary conflict and resistance where there was never any to begin with.. and on this ground we are free to let go and think/feel happier thoughts/feelings :-)"

With regard to the outside world:
"I deal with things directly or I deny and forget about them long enough to let the moment keep flowing. The one thing that I cannot and will not do is think about an issue or situation without also taking immediate action... act now or surrender, maybe act later, listen to what the messages of the universe say, with faith. To escape or take a path of least resistance can be as effective as directly confronting..."


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