Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Wisdom of Insecurity - Quotes from last chapter

"He who thinks that God is not comprehended, by him God is comprehended; but he who thinks that God is comprehend knows him not. God is unknown to those who know him, and is known to those who do not know him at all" ~ Upanishads

"The highest to which man can attain is wonder; and if the prime phenomenon makes him wonder let him be content; nothing higher can it give him, and nothing further should he seek for behind it; here is the limit." ~ Goethe

"One of the greatest favors bestowed on the soul transiently in this life is to enable i to see so distinctly and to feel so profoundly that it cannot comprehend God at all. These souls are herein somewhat like the saints in heaven, where they who know him most perfectly perceive most clearly that he is infinitely incomprehensible; for those who have the less clear vision do not perceive so clearly as do these others how gratly he transcends their vision". ~ St. John of the Cross

"When you are dying and coming to life in each moment, would-be scientific predictions about what will happen after death are of little consequence. The whole glory of it is that we do not know. Ideas of survival and annihilation are alike based on the past, on memories of waking sleeping, and, in their different ways, the notions of everlasting continuity and everlasting nothingness are without meaning"

"Free from clutching at themselves the hands can handle; free from looking after themselves the eyes can see; free from trying to understand itself thought can think. IN such feeling, seeing, and tihnking life requires no future to complete itself nor explanation to justify itself. In this moment it is finished"

Alan Watts "The Wisdom of Insecurity" Chapter IX


  1. everything I get in this life is what I need, without exception. No mistakes , nor any misfortunes, but it is not always what I like. Sometimes what I want I don't need, and what I need I don't want. It is all perfect outside of me. What I need to perfect is what is coming out from inside of me to all beings ie. love. For myself, and I can only speak for me, love is not always liking, but always letting. Wisdom is personal, and not always communicable, but I can always be kind, caring , unselfish , non judging etc. all those qualities of love, so that humility becomes a daily posture. I believe this is the spiritual crawl I must master before I can spirituallly run to more complete and universal understanding of all that is everywhere.

  2. someone email me this book