Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Limitations of Knowledge and Thought

All of knowledge has limitations, and they aren't just the limitations of being somehow provincial. The real limitation of knowledge - however broad - is that it has a way of interpreting our experience.. It sees things through the eyes of yesterday. The thinking mind jumps in front of our experience and tells us what is happening - using past experience as a guide - then runs back into our mind and hides, so we have no idea that thinking ever came along. We believe we know what we just went through. But our beliefs may not be in accord with what actually happened.

That is why don't-know mind opens us up to a new kind of freedom. You learn through awareness practice to see how thought comes out of hiding and interprets your experience. You learn to recognize a thought, to see that a thought is just a thought; it isn't reality. You then have a chance to see what your experience really is. The more you don't know, the more you see.

Larry Rosenberg ~ Living in the Light of Death (Ch.3, p.112)

**Comment-In light of what the author refers to, the above paragraph is relevant to how different religions lay claim to the truth via their own mental interpretations AND how fears of "old age and death" are distorted and made worse by the stories of the mind... For the old (which is our thought) cannot possibly guide one through such a process which requires a total beginners mind, a willingness to let go and be with whatever is happening (without expectation or anticipation) in that final moment.

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