Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Am the World and the World is Me

To see is to do... pure attention, no division between observer and observed. Separation equals dysfunction equals resistance and conflict. Unity equals seeing, feeling and doing all at once, instantaneously, in the moment, without spatial and temporal barriers to climb... As a wise Zen therapist (now a Roshi) once said to me "just be here" and the rest will take care of itself.

All that i see that I dislike in the world is within me, violence and discord, as well as all the good. Though differing in degrees and magnitude of disharmony and conflict the essence is the same. It is both within me and without me, the negative and the positive qualities I attribute to the outside world...

Right now the most delusive and dysfunctional things in my life now are my thoughts, however enlightened or deluded, holding onto my cherished thoughts is the source of all dysfunction and dissatisfaction. As A.H. Maslow explains it "self-actualization is a complete immersion in the matter hand, without any trace of self-consciousness".....

And wisdom is emptiness of mind accompanied by clarity (and cleansing) of perception


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