Monday, October 19, 2009

Self Enclosure - Reflections

"Feeling remorse for how self-enclosed/absorbed I have been for so long, wanting to be totally on top of my own game so that I can be more present and available to others (within reason, needing private time too)... and gratitude for how things have h...eld together so far, for the continued chance to thrive....."

No matter how much I care about life and people I remain predominantly self-centered. A naturally occurring self-oriented (ego-driven) energy is not finding it's full release and expression for the best good of all, the individual and the collective. The block, most often connected to an inner psychic wound, is where the ego is not okay or comfortable in itself and it's where the soul being clouded by ego dysfunction is unable to reach out and connect with the wider world surrounding one.

Perhaps more reflections like these to follow....


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