Thursday, October 8, 2009

Insights - Astrological-Personal-Universal

Astrological references to Ken Wilbur synthetic reference of Causal, Astral and Physical Bodies... those *embodying* the five sheaths of maya or illusion (original ignorance).

Causal Body & Bliss Sheath - "ALL of US" - The Sun (universal energy, heat & light)

Astral Body & Intellectual/Mental-Emotional/Energy Sheaths - "US" or "YOU and I" - The Moon (human intelligence, thought/feeling and vital energies, subjectively and personally experienced via interpersonal relations)

Physical Body & Physical Food Sheath - "I ME & MINE" - The Ascendant (and most especially Houses 1-4). All that incarnates in form and is nourished by food, by the Earth itself, which most distinctively of all gives the masked appearance of being separate (my self and my reality, Ascendant/Horizon and Mid-Heaven/Meridian respectively), My World and World-View as coming from a unique most individual (separate) perspective.

While the Moon and Astral Body represent a "living past" which IS the present (here and now) experience, and ever changing reality, The Ascendant and Sun are together that NOW reality, of clarity, consciousness, choice and freewill, forever marching toward a projected living future *in the present*.

The Moon, as Earth's satellite (its subjective/soul existence) magnetizes and directly connects to the opposite polarities (the shadow side) of Sun and Ascendant (and Mid-Heaven)... meaning the opposite angles, the Descendant and Nadir, are primary indicators of the past shadow (or trail) that the Ascending Sign or Rising Sun leaves behind when continuing along its immediate worldly path of active manifestation, which is then projected upon others in interpersonal relationship(s).

Likewise the sign 180 degrees (opposite) the Sun is a key indicator of one's Solar past from the unique perspective of the Sun Sign. Where the Sun develops overtime along its soul path and purpose the Moon takes on and is modified by the past or shadow/polarity of the Sun Sign. While the Solar perspective remains forever future-oriented, a vital presence connected to a source, to the eternal (unchanging) present moment.... It leaves a shadow of past experience, of personal karmic baggage, behind which is at the root of self-undoing and gives purpose via contrast to the Sun and its Higher Purpose.

To be continued...


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