Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Transformative Power of Giving Gratitude

by Bente Hansen • Wappingers Falls, NY

“Give gratitude,” the voice inside my head said very clearly. My immediate response was to question. What would giving gratitude yield? What was its purpose? These words were first heard back in the mid-nineties, and since that time gratitude and I have undergone a lengthy transformative journey of learning, healing and manifesting.

In recent years, living with gratitude has become somewhat of a “catch cry” of the New Age Movement. People talk about it as though it is the most natural thing in the world to do. Yet, the real transformative impact of living in gratitude still eludes many people.

If you are one of those people who occasionally, or even daily, think of something to be grateful for then you have begun to live in Gratitude. However, giving a fleeting thought of gratitude isn't highly effective. Let's assume that someone you know is ill and you receive word that they are healing. You may quietly express a sentence of gratitude. Immediately another thought distracts you, and then another, resulting in a weakening of the gratitude energy. Giving momentary gratitude is better than giving none, though its level of effectiveness is low.

When gratitude is practiced as a regular and meaningful expression—where thought, emotion and intention are involved—it has the potential to change life positively and dramatically.

The process I recommend consists of three stages. Incorporating these produces the most effective energy for creating change. Setting aside time, on a daily basis, to be in a space of gratitude is essential for this.

1. Gratitude for the tangible things. This includes consciously giving gratitude for the basics such as money to pay bills, food, friends, etc.

2. Gratitude for the intangibles. This relates to such things as love, fun, good health, etc. These are essential for well-being and happiness.

3. Gratitude for things desired. This last step is important as it creates the energy to bring in desired changes. For example, if you desire a career change a Gratitude statement may be, “I am grateful for the perfect job that is now mine”.

Always express Gratitude in the present tense. Giving Gratitude in the present tense commands that this is how it is to be now, and not in the future.

It is also beneficial to infuse the act with feeling. Expressing the emotion of gratitude strengthens the energy, thereby sending a message to the Universe that you are serious about your intentions.

Initially I was skeptical about undertaking this practice. However, my spirit guides were emphatic about the need to do this on a daily basis. Within a relatively short time (three months) I felt happier about life and the things I desired and expressed gratitude for, actually manifested!

It does not matter what you are experiencing in life, Gratitude has the power to change the things you are dissatisfied with. When undertaken daily in a conscious and mindful manner it has the power to change any aspect of your life.

If you are an avid television viewer you are exposed to countless fear-generating messages. I encourage you to switch off the television set, or choose to view only positive programming. It is pointless to worry about things you are powerless to change. Instead, choose to create a more harmonious lifestyle by undertaking daily Gratitude practice.

During the years I’ve advocated Gratitude practice, I’ve seen clients change from feeling disempowered, angry and highly stressed to become empowered and optimistic. For individuals who have suffered abuse and other stressful states I recommend the use of a Gratitude Journal. This involves writing down, in a designated book, at least one statement of Gratitude daily. The act of writing strengthens the energy around that particular Gratitude. Visualizing the issue, situation or emotion that is to be healed strengthens it further. Each entry is dated to record a process of growth. I have observed abused clients become empowered to create significant changes in their lives in as little as one month.

The most marked change is always in the emotional state. Feelings of fear, stress, anger, etc. gradually dissipate and are replaced with states of appreciation, empowerment and even self-love. Regardless of whatever adversity you encounter Gratitude has the ability to change the experience to one of growth and empowerment.

Gratitude needs to be expressed daily in order for its energy and effectiveness to be maintained.

Gratitude is generated from thought. Thought is energy. When energy builds up it manifests in the form in which it is directed.

Through the practice of daily Gratitude you discover your power as creator of your reality.

Through Gratitude practice you learn the importance of language. Mindfulness of thought has the potential to create miracles!

Some Gratitude statements:
“I am grateful for the abundance of love, harmony, friends, prosperity, etc that I experience daily.”
“I am grateful that I have an abundance of finances for my bills, living costs and other incidental needs.”
“I am grateful for the new job that pays well, and offers many opportunities for professional growth and advancement.”
“I am grateful for my body's excellent health and its self-healing abilities.”
If you are experiencing a health challenge or financial difficulties, giving Gratitude as a positive statement creates the energy of whatever you are stating. In time subtle changes will become evident.

I encourage you to assess how you would like your life to be, and then begin the Gratitude process. Experiment with different ways of expressing Gratitude. Find the way that feels most comfortable and then ensure diligence in its application. With persistence and patience you will find yourself reaping the rewards!

The Transformative Power of Giving Gratitude

Australian, Rev. Bente Hansen is an empathic energy healer, channeler, spiritual counselor and medical intuitive. She is divinely inspired and is intuitive on all levels. Bente recently moved to NY though her client base is international. Bente is the author of Messages From Beyond (2001) and The New World of Self Healing (2006). Contact at: or or 845 297-4106.