Monday, October 19, 2009

Seed Intention - What am I writing for?

Upon returning to the moment of simple breathing, letting everything else go, I very quickly came to the same seed intention which I planted a couple of months back... yet with much greater depth and clarity, visions of an open green pasture with plenty of space for new growth, potential flowers of creation blooming all around. To flower or blossom in philosophical/cosmological vision, feeling and imagination, a new more vivid meaningful creation onto the vast field of my mental and physical existence(s).

To sum it up from a more personal perspective, which actually proceeded the images described above, I am writing for the purpose of giving my inner astral/mental/emotional realities an expression/manifestation on the page, a process that serves to help me make some sense of this endless constant stream of thoughts, utilizing an essential part of myself that I choose to honor, attempting to understand, and seeking an effective structure and substance through the honorable art/craft of writing.


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