Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beyond the Thinker

Knowing that the thinker not only determines but actually IS the thought he/she is thinking, that they are one, is empowering and liberating when the thinker decides to uplift and change the story (by changing himself)... because the thought in turn becomes manifestation.

Even more liberating and empowering is that the awareness of power to change and grow comes from neither thinker nor thought and its manifestation as thing. Detached (yet inseparable) from all Creation is the Inner Creator, Energy Source and Light of Being. Mind alone cannot aid in the mastery of itself... its imagined authority must surrender entirely, to alignment with its Source.

Here alone it is possible to remain a deliberate and conscious creator, beyond the mind itself (thinker and thought), otherwise remaining in a whirlpool of repetitive thinking... manifesting perhaps in a million different ways but not going anywhere, stuck in the past and subject to knee jerk negative thoughts & reactions plus alternatively painful and pleasurable emotional responses to adverse conditions created by the mind itself. To simply let go, let body and mind drop (not disappear) out of command, releasing all identification with body-mind vessel it is no longer a struggle or heavy karmic burden but a friend and ally.

True religion is not belief, the search for truth is a search for lost or forgotten ideals. Truth is what remains when all belief(s) (which are fixed & thought-based), both positive and negative, cease to be... where only Beingness, a wondrous sense of aliveness and beauty, remains. The relative being of self awareness and inquiry, knowing thyself, and in this awareness letting the self (as individual body and mind, not Spirit) go entirely... leading one beyond the relative to embrace the infinite and timeless.


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