Sunday, March 14, 2010

Initiative, Gratitude & Responsibility

It is very good news when no longer do I stand and wait in false anticipation of a better future world... being grateful for what already IS good and for all that is possible to create and have right here and now, not waiting for what is out of my range and control to change for the better. Too many people wait a lifetime for the world to get better before taking any positive action in their own lives.

To no longer wait and expect is allowing oneself the freedom to GO and the impetus to move, not motivated by social ambitions but by (inter)personal progress; and this comes not from viewing the world with rose colored specs on but in seeing that life on Earth as we know/experience it is presently in a state of emergency... and whenever there is danger of any kind, at various times in life, there is no hesitation to act. Really it is to cease standing still entirely, when not at rest, yet without losing inner alignment and calm under all circumstances, is key to any and all possibilities of success.

To live this present moment that transcends both yesterday (and history) and tomorrow (projected hopes & fears), is the only place where life happens and real progress, from the inside out, can begin... not with the promise of a better world from the outside in.


Afterthoughts/Clarifications to Reader:

Discussing these not so pleasant subjects is not to scare myself or others with predictions of doomsday, for truly I know nothing of the future. I know to some extent what has been, where it has lead us to today, and how I honestly feel about what I see, hear and observe around me. I hope that "future events" unfolding will prove me wrong, as I have no special need to be right but only a desire to know and understand the nature and unfolding of reality.

I have thought and written much in the past about the dawning of the Aquarian Age, and belief in December 20l2 as (contrary to Nostradamus' predictions) marking the beginning of this. Now I find that holding onto such high expectations as these, based upon speculation and wishful thinking alone, makes it that much easier to get bitter, disappointed and disillusioned. So I am happiest seeing things as they are, by immediate observation, and working with this reality, the present moment, in the best way I know how.


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