Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pure Devotion

*Pure Devotion* transcends the time devoted to various interests and activities. A wholehearted involvement with the work at hand, without awareness of time passing. A love of something becomes so powerful that "finding the time for it" is not even an issue; this in contrast to all other acts performed out of necessity for survival.

Mindful care and attention come natural, without needing to be externally or willfully enforced. Where survival and the mundane are concerned, for most working people at least, there is an abundance of "I have to do this" in a poverty stricken world. Therefore, we try to devote as little time to this hard reality as humanly possible... we may seek shortcuts or to win the lotto so that we never have to work for a living again.

This is not the case with PURE devotion, which means "I want to devote as much of my life as humanly possible to this person, thing, project, etc, that I love so dearly. A spiritual path of pure devotion is one that resonates most perfectly at the Heart of Being, the manifest differences in belief(s) and outwardly socialized expressions are not what ultimately matter but rather an vibrational energy and feeling state, a quality of consciousness that is beyond all constructs of little ego mind.

"Live from your Heart, you will be most effective"


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