Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sensitivity is Essential

The so-called saints and sannyasis have contributed to the dullness of mind and to the destruction of sensitivity. Every habit, repetition, rituals strengthened by belief and dogma, sensory responses, can be and are refined, but the alert awareness, sensitivity, is quite another matter. Sensitivity is absolutely essential to look deeply within; this movement of going within is not a reaction to the outer; the outer and the inner are the same movement, they are not separate. The division of this movement as the outer and as the inner breeds insensitivity. Going within is the natural flow of the outer; the movement of the inner has its own action, expressed outwardly but it is not a reaction of the outer. Awareness of this whole movement is sensitivity. - Saanen 1st Public Talk 6th July 1980 Krishnamurti Notebook

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  1. As a point of reference I do not view all saints or "holy men" in this light, whether the original author does or not. Though the majority of these folks may be blinded by conformity to old rituals and dogmas that "dull sensitivity" (much like the military, only gentler), I remain grateful for the few and far between really great humble and empowering spiritual teachers that do exist today.