Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This Is It

Lately I have grown weary with all the new age talk, the notion of this being the precursor to a more enlightened age... both socially and individually I have found all such teachings and ideas leading me astray from the only reality there is, here and now.

The teachers of Law of Attraction talk to you about "the now" as a moment of great opportunity and power, and in the same breath they also say to ignore your present conditions and imagine your life how you would like it to be. Am I missing something here or is this an oxymoron? If you are really living in the now then all thoughts and planning about the future, lest they be instantaneous insight or visions, are only distractions from the actual/real which IS the present moment.

Those who speak of the Age of Aquarius (or a new Golden Age), and admittedly I have been one, are again missing the point of presence. Maybe it is the last really bad period before something breaks through for humanity, but then maybe it isn't!! Some astrologers say the Age of Aquarius is another 100 or so years in the future still. The point is that right NOW there is little evidence of anything changing for the better, so to be constantly waiting for this to come is only aggravating, only a distraction from dealing with *what is* in a sane and serene manner, mindful and accepting, going with the flow...

It has been positively noted (by myself and many others) that too much fear and negativity, regarding anxiety over the future and/or depression/anger over the past, is detrimental and potentially harmful. Yet all talk of a utopia or dreamy future, that is an escape from the present, is setting up conflict between the real and ideal and just another trap the mind sets up for itself. In fact, the only plans, ideals and visions for the future that are of any substance and actuality are those that are or can be experienced or acted upon immediately, for THIS IS IT, and this life is not to be wasted building castles in the air, or in imagining that 2012 (or whenever) will be the beginning of those golden years we are all waiting and yearning for in vain.

"Whatever will be will be", and so I put it in God's hands knowing that my individual action and will must first be surrendered entirely before any good can come out of these. In other words, the Doing flows naturally out of the Being which is in the essence and nature of Seeing and Feeling, without struggle and conflict or wasted effort, acting in unity with this present moment.


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