Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Religion and Truth

Religion, surely, is the uncovering of reality. Religion is not belief. Religion is not the search for truth. The search for truth is merely the fulfillment of belief. Religion is the understanding of the thinker; for what the thinker is, that he creates. Without understanding the process of the thinker and the thought, merely to be caught in a dogma is surely not the uncovering of the beauty of life, of existence, of truth. If you seek truth, then you already know truth. If you go out seeking something, the implication is that you have lost it, which means you already know what it is. What you do know is belief, and belief is not truth.
Krishnamurti -On Self Knowledge

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  1. *What the K refers to here as 'religion' is what many would call spiritual, in the truest most profound sense. A distinction in lingual usage as he is not referring in this sense to any orthodox traditional religious authority of any kind.